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Michael Sherman's Piano Tuning & Service

I do my very best to provide the outstanding services my clientele deserves.  Check out some of the testimonials and reviews I've gotten from past and returning clients. I encourage you to write your own review after experiencing my service for yourself.

“I couldn’t be happier about my choice to have Michael work on my Yamaha piano. He provided professional service, great pricing, and even had me play the piano when he was done to make sure I was happy. Thank you, Michael for a job well done!”


"Two thumbs up. If you’re in need of an honest, and reliable piano tuner, then look no further than Michael Sherman's Piano Tuning & Service. I’ve relied on Michael on numerous occasions, and have been very satisfied.”


“Personable. Courteous. Michael delivered on every front with his repairs on my piano. No other technician has ever made my piano sound so great. I know that I’ll be turning to Michael twice a year for regular maintenance.”


“My tuner who I've used for years suddenly passed away. I called a couple piano companies and they told me that I needed to spend more in order to get the job finished right (new hammer butt flanges). Mike got it done for a fraction of the cost. Thanks Mike!"


"Every year, Michael comes at the exact time we set the appointment for. I really appreciate his punctuality as I am always working and busy taking care of family."


"I was doing a live recording of a band in my studio and needed a tuner in a pinch.  Michael came to tune the piano at 7am the very next day, to hit mine, before the jobs he already had booked.  Will absolutely use him again before the next session!"


“Michael came to my home and gave my puppy dog treats! No other service person has ever done this!”


“I will recommend the piano tech to all my musician friends and colleagues. Michael not only did a great service to my Steinway, but stayed after the job to see that I was happy with the work he’s completed."


“I have an older Steinway, and Mike took the time needed to make it sound great and play well. My family is very satisfied.”


"I’ve referred Michael, The Piano Tech, to my friends who are professional musicians and we are all happy with the service that he provides. I will continue to refer him to all of my musician friends."


“I have had several piano techs over to work on my piano over the years, and Michael is by far, the absolute best.  Punctual, and professional.”


"Michael is kind and very professional.  He came to the theater at exactly the time scheduled.  He worked on the Yamaha grand for about three hours for a tuning and many repairs.  We will definitely have him back in a few months before our next event.  THANK YOU MIKE!"


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