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Michael Sherman's Piano Tuning & Service

With a wide range of services, I have the know-how and expertise to get your piano to its maximum playing performance. Let me know how I can help, and I will guarantee an end result that is absolutely enjoyable! 

Piano Tuning

Expert Service

Among professionals, piano tuning is known to be both an art and a science, combined with well-developed technical skills and aural techniques. My goal for each job is to produce a beautiful, balanced, dynamic, and musical tuning to the human ear.

I have tuned thousands of pianos over 20+ years of servicing the private and professional community.

As a piano technician and professional musician, I will take the time and care needed to ensure your piano is tuned to it's greatest potential!

Piano Repair

Regulations & Adjustments

I can fix many problems and make adjustments to your piano ranging from sticking keys, key leveling, voicing (shaping, softening or hardening hammers to alter their tone), string replacement and more.

I understand how important it is to feel confident and worry free when it comes to the service I provide. I will invest the time and energy necessary to be well prepared for any unique requests or special concerns you may have.

Piano Life Saver Systems

Piano Protection

As a fundamental component of complete piano care, a Piano Life Saver System by Dampp Chaser protects your piano from the undesirable effects of extreme or fluctuating humidity levels. The Piano Life Saver System will enable your instrument to maintain proper pitch between tunings and protect the myriad of tiny wooden parts that make up a piano. A stable piano will be more enjoyable to play and listen to while rewarding your fingers with a consistent, proper touch. Let's discuss if your piano is a good candidate for this life saving system!


Buying, Selling, Insurance Claims

Have you found a piano that you would like to purchase but don't know its condition or value? Was your piano damaged in a fire or flood? Do you need an insurance estimate? Is your family heirloom worth restoring? I will be happy to offer a written appraisal for any situation.

Piano Restoration

Breathing Life Into An Old Gem

Cabinet refinishing work and all internal work can be done to give your piano many more years of playability and enjoyment! All work is performed by a staff of certified piano technicians.

Piano Moving

Referral Based

I can provide referrals for competitively priced, insured, reliable piano movers in the Tri-State Area and The Greater LA Area. Feel free to contact me for referrals!

Piano Lessons

Referral Based

Based on the student's age, and preferred musical style, I have several teachers to recommend. Feel free to contact me for referrals!

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