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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How often should my piano be tuned?
    I recommend all pianos to be tuned twice a year. Newer pianos may need more attention.
  • Can you install climate control systems?
    Yes, I exclusively use the Dampp Chaser - Piano Life Saver System. The system is completely silent, and installed within or underneath the piano, so it is completely out of sight. This is a must have, and a great investment for pianos that experience extreme dryness and/or extreme humidity levels. Say goodbye to those sticking keys!
  • What days do you service my area?
    I schedule appointments Monday through Sunday in order to accommodate my clients. Please call, text, email, or use the message form on the contact page to schedule. I'll get back to you immediately!
  • How old is my piano?
    I will need to look up the make and serial number of your piano to get the manufacture date. Please ask in advance, or while I am on site!
  • Will you come to my town?
    If you live in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, Ventura, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Hudson Valley, Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau County, or Suffolk County, YES!
  • Do you sell pianos?
    Years ago I had sold pianos at my family's business, Piano Outlet. My parents are now retired, volunteering in their community. I am now able to refer you to an incredible sales staff at reputable piano stores in New York and Los Angeles, California. I will put you in excellent hands!
  • I'm looking to sell my piano, what do I do?
    I'd reccomend having it serviced so that it plays well and sounds musical for any potential buyers. Being able to say that your piano has been maintained, and being able to show that it sounds great will be an excellent selling point. Most pianos that are for sale in private homes, have been neglected for many years... I can get your piano back into shape at a reasonable cost to you. Once your piano is in good shape, post ad's on Craigslist, Ebay, LetGo, PianoAdoption, Piano4Sale etc. Your piano will stand out from the rest!
  • How long does a piano tuning take?
    The tuning service takes approximately 60-90 minutes to complete.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    I accept cash, personal check, PayPal, Apple Cash, Venmo, Zelle, Cash App and all major credit cards.
  • Are you pet friendly?
    I am happy to meet and greet with any household family members. Meeting my clients' pets is always a highlight of my day!
  • Can you clean the insides of my piano?
    Yes, I can clean the interior of your piano. It's amazing how much dust, dirt and grime can get inside, and I'm happy to remove it!
  • Do you tune aurally or with electronic tuning device (ETD)?
    I tune both aurally and with an ETD. I get incredible results using the skills that have been passed on to me from my father.
  • I just purchased a piano, can I put it near the window?"
    Congratulations on the purchase, this is an exciting time! I strongly recommend keeping the piano on an inside wall, away from doors, baseboards, wood burning stoves, fireplaces, windows and vents. Sometimes there simply isn't a spot that exists like this, so we do the best we can. Just know that a piano on an outside wall will cause tunings at some point to become unstable. The temperature fluctuations are greater on the outside wall and the piano reacts by changing pitch (going out of tune, sooner than we'd like).
  • What can I clean the keys with?
    I'd recommend lightly dampening a microfiber cloth with water. Then you can wipe the keys. Be sure that the cloth is not too wet, as that will effect the wood underneath the plastic, or ivory keytops.
  • What type of upright piano do I have?
    Spinets are about 36 inches tall, Consoles are about 42-44 inches tall, Studio Uprights are about 45-47 inches tall, Full Size Uprights are about 48-60 inches tall.
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